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The professional R&D team of Tauto is able to provide different separation, extraction and purification services to our clients. We customize the approaches for our clients according to the clients requirement.

As one of few coMPanies which is competitive to provide contract services, Tauto is currently assisting clients both home and abroad in the contract research of separation of high purity Natural Effective Ingredients and Antibiotic.

Application Field:
1. Separation and purification of high purity effective ingredients of natural products (Success case: Soyasaponins, monomers of Kava extract);
2. Separation and purification of antibiotics (Success case: Cyclosporin and etc.);
3. Collection of compounds group (Success case: Total Ginkgolides).

1. Provide effective approaches for separation and purification of Natural Products and Antibiotics;
2. Wide application fields including separation of single ingredient, Pilot scale-up and collection of compounds group;
3. Short period of research and development, strict implementation according to the service contract and the agreement of confidentiality;
4. Provide high quality products together with the analysis reports and chromatograms, guarantee the purities meeting the customer requirements.

1. Preliminary acquisition of project information from clients;
2. Analyze the feasibility and provide clients with information registration form;
3. Tauto receives the detailed feedback of separation/purification project information;
4. Evaluate the expense and period of the contract research and manufacture;
5. Send the quotation and project solution to clients;
6. Reach an agreement;
7. Implementation of the project.


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