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The reliability and durability of a machine is related both to the design and the quality of components. With a guideline of fulfilling the safety criteria of CE, we design our HSCCC for the safe operation in laboratories and factories. By selecting components at the highest quality standards from reputable business partners and employing precision machinery, our experienced production staff built up our production systems at the highest international standard with the tightest tolerance.


Our HSCCC System is designed and manufactured in compliance with the European CE safety standards.

Process Support  

There is no way to achieve the highest efficiency and productivity without good process technology. When deliver our equipments, we also deliver to you a proven assembling process.

Our team of experienced engineers is ready to provide you support. Guidance and training program is provided to our customer for installation, operation and maintenance.

We also provide lifelong care-free tech support and training programs for better usage of our equipment. Customers can discuss all kinds of application projects with our tech support team.

Collaborated with Our R&D Department, Telephone FAQ service is provided by Tech-support personnel to give customers instant solutions.

Maintenance Support  

We promise that all of our customers can benefit from our high-quality maintenance service and circumspect technique support. Our technicians and qualified distributors are on standby to be your backup.

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